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Top 10 New Year’s resolutions from your lawyer:

1) Make sure your estate plan is up-to-date. If you don’t have an estate plan, make a quick call to your lawyer to at least establish the basics. Even an established estate plan… Continue reading

Digital Assets: The New Frontier in Estate Planning

Efficient estate planning means effectively covering all of “the bases.” In the past, this would have included going through the process of creating a health directive, designating power of attorney, the creation of… Continue reading

Letter to Heirs -Update

Estate Planning is a necessary consideration for all individuals and families, regardless of age or net worth.  A simple, yet often overlooked tool to be used in coordination with an estate plan is… Continue reading

Do you have a valid Will?

This article will detail some of the minimum requirements under Arkansas Law for establishing a valid Last Will and Testament. In Arkansas a will may be “attested” or “holographic”.  The more common form… Continue reading

Attorneys’ Fees and Costs Associated with Probate

When discussing benefits of a Revocable Trust, one subject often covered is the potential to avoid Attorneys’ Fees and Costs associated with Probate.  Simply put, if a person dies without a Trust or… Continue reading

Letter of Instruction to Your Heirs

When counseling parties who are drafting their Will and/or Trust, I often advise that they should consider writing a letter to their heirs, meant to be read after death, advising of specific issues… Continue reading

Simple Arkansas Estate Planning

Estate planning vehicles such as Wills and Trusts are necessary and useful options for many Arkansas residents.  However, there is a simple tool most people can put into place immediately:  having your bank… Continue reading

Dying Without a Will in Arkansas

What happens if you die without a Will? What is the law of intestate succession? How does this affect Arkansas residents? These are all popular questions in the world of estate planning.  The… Continue reading